Welcome to Manifone's Affiliate Program

This website is dedicated to our existing and future affiliate partners.

With Manifone, clients save up to 90% on their International phone calls from both their mobile and fixed-line phones.

- No contract or subscription required
- No need to change the operator
- Works with all telephones
- Free calls to Skype

Manifone provides its clients with local phone numbers that "replace" the International destination number the client wants to reach. These local numbers are permanently assigned to the destinations and as such, can be saved in the client's mobile phonebook for convenient access in the future.

Manifone enables its customers to call any landline or mobile destination in the world, with average savings of more than 60% compared to traditional operators. In addition, Manifone offers free calls to Skype from any mobile or landline phone. Mani-in Pro, a service aimed at export businesses enables its users to be reachable on local telephone numbers in more than 50 countries, allowing them to put for example Paris or New York numbers on their business cards.
It's the ease of use and the quality of our services, combined with excellent customer service and some of the markets most competitive rates that allowed us to quickly establish ourselves as a dynamic player in the world of telecommunications.

The customer base of Manifone is very broad, ranging from the ethnic / immigrant community that found a simple and cheap alternative to calling cards, to business clients with heavy mobile-to-abroad traffic.
Manifone boasts a loyal client base, with a retention rate of over 70%, which is extremely rare in this field.

Our affiliate program offers a commission of 10% of each credit purchased by any client generated, lifetime! A wide range of promotional tools and detailed traffic stats will assist your affiliate activities.

Have a look at the Affiliate Program description, and if you still have any questions, feel free to contact us.